Cloudflare Setup

Setting up page rules on Cloudflare

Make sure you host your domain on Cloudflare, it's simply done by porting your name servers. If you're new to this for your agency, follow these guides

Assuming your root domain is now on Cloudflare, here's what you need to do and keep in mind:

  1. Your root domain will host the white-labelled OnWhatsApp dashboard

  2. Your subdomain will be used to house your website, for example,

  3. Your customers will login to their dashboard from https://YOUR-DOMAIN.COM/login

  4. For the above setup, we need to enable page rules on Cloudflare

Login to your Cloudflare account and tap Page Rules

Next, Click Create Page Rule

  • Key in your domain name, do not put * in the end, that'll make the app misbehave, so you enter just your root domain, for example,

  • Click Then the settings are dropdown and select Forwarding URL

Next, select Permanent Redirect (301)

Last but not the least, your destination URL should be a subdomain you set, this is where your landing page is, where your customers discover you.

We use you can feel free to use as you please and make sure you have your A Record for this done as per your webhost!

Your final settings should look something like this, though with your domain settings

Now tap Save. Give it a couple of minutes and you're all set!

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