Inventory Management

Manage inventory with ease

One of the most requested features requested was inventory management, and YES! We heard you and introduced it.

Here's how to get started and manage:

  • Head over to the Marketplace and Toggle it on.

  • Once subscribed, it's free by the way, head over to App Settings and Configure as you like

  • Enable Inventory: Yes / No, Toggle it to Yes.

  • Update stock status: When Order Placed / When order paid can be set as per your preference

  • When stock is over: Display Out of stock / Hide product can also be set as you prefer

  • If Display Out of stock, choose a message you want to show for eg, Out of Stock / Stock finished / High Demand, Out of Stock etc.

  • Hit Save.

  • Head now to Products and input Stock as required.

  • That's it!

We have a video prepared walking you through the above steps.

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