Quick Start
Adding your product catalog
Now that you've added Categories, this will show up in Products already. Get started by adding relevant products to the categories.
Adding Products
In this section, you can add / edit / delete products and Category names can be updated here too. The Up and Down arrows are to arrange your products the way you want to display your products. Categories can be moved up and down from the Categories section of the dashboard.
    Product Name: Fill in your product name, for example, Iron Man Figurine
    Product Description: Describe your product, keep it short and sweet
    Upload Image: Upload image relevant to your product
    Price: Enter the product price
    Active: If you run out of this product, feel free to switch it off, it will then not show on your shop page.
    Delete: Click this only if you want to delete the product!
Finally, hit Save! You're now ready to Preview your onWhatsApp store!
Last modified 1yr ago
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