Partner Dashboard

Partner Settings walkthrough

Hello & Welcome to your Partner Dashboard - while it looks complicated, we'll break it down for you in simple steps

Let's get started and straight into action! (We're assuming here you've followed the Getting Started guide and have all items in the checklist ready!)

Partner Settings

  1. Partner Name: This will be your Company Name (For e.g. ABC Inc.)

  2. Partner Logo: Please make sure this is max 512x512px (colored)

  3. Partner Logo (On Navbar): Same as above but in white color, 512x512px for best output.

  4. Footer Text: This is the text that your customer websites will have to drive leads for you

  5. Terms & Conditions Link: This will be a link to your T&C page, we use - though you should use your own πŸ™πŸΌ

Stripe Settings

Login or Create an account on Stripe, make sure you're not in Test Mode to bring these settings into action.

Stripe Secret Key

Go to Developers -> API keys

Give the secret key a name, for example: onWhatsApp Secret Key

Next, copy the key and paste it in the Partner Dashboard.

Publisher Key

Copy & Paste the publisher key in the Partner Dashboard

Webhook Secret

Go to Developers -> Webhooks

  1. Click + Add endpoint

  2. Next, make sure you add the endpoints and URL as follows: 1. Endpoint URL: this will be (this is really important, make sure you key in your domain name) 2. Events to send: here, please make sure you have all these events added - customer.subscription.updated - customer.subscription.deleted - customer.subscription.created - payment_intent . payment_failed - customer.deleted - checkout.session.completed - account.updated The above are really important in order for you to manage subscriptions and systems to function well - check if all good and click Add endpoint See reference screenshot below:

As soon as you click Add endpoint, you will see something like this:

Signing secret is your Webhook secret, copy and paste it to your Partner Dashboard

Next, set your monthly and yearly plan prices - we'll walk you through this on Stripe

Create Products

On your Stripe Dashboard, click Products and and then + Add Product

  1. Add a monthly plan (recurring)

  2. Next, add a yearly product plan (recurring)

Make sure you name the products to be easily identifiable 🀞🏼 (It should look something like this below)

Now to get your monthly & yearly plan ID, tap on the product and you'll see a screen like this

Subscription Display Settings

This is what your customers will see when signing up, fill in as per your settings and give them information of what each plan has, for example the ones we use onWhatsApp

Partner Domain (Most Important)

  1. Partner Sub Domain: This is automatically issued by onWhatsApp, you will not be able to change this. Though it has utmost importance, here's how you use it: partner455059 in the example above is your CNAME, to be mapped to your custom domain.

  2. Custom Domain to be linked to your partner domain: For example your domain is, you need to create a CNAME record on cloudflare to OR A Record and point it to πŸ‘ˆπŸΌ (recommended) Here's what it'll look like to give you an example:

Hit Save and give it a couple of minutes to flush worldwide. You're all set! Last step is to verify your e-mail to start sending Welcome, Verification and Order emails πŸ‘‡πŸΌ

Email Sending (Orders, Verification & Welcome Emails)

Fill in your from email address, for example, is what we use, you should use your own domain (make sure you can receive e-mails on this since a verification will be required).

Follow the steps you get on your email to setup a TXT record on Cloudflare, give it about 10 minutes and you'll be good to go! πŸš€

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