Quick Start

Enabling SSL

We recommend using Cloudflare for easy and FREE SSL certs with a whole lot of added benefits
No technical knowledge required
Keeping security and SEO in mind, here's a quick guide on how to use Cloudflare's FREE plan and get up and running in no time!
It's simple, fast and super effective, in fact - we use it for onWhatsApp and many other applications
Let's get started shall we?
  • Sign up or Login to Cloudflare
  • Click + Add Site to add your Website/Domain
Add website to Cloudflare
Next, you enter the domain name and click Add Site
Enter your domain (example.com)
Select the plan that suits your needs and click Confirm Plan
We recommend the Free Plan 👇🏼
Select Free (recommended)
Check the configuration for your domain and add more DNS records for your domain if necessary. You could add your A record here if you haven't already as mentioned in the Your own domain guide, then click Continue
Make sure you change your domain name servers at your registrar to the ones Cloudflare provides you - there's no downtime absolutely! 😇
Add DNS records
In the Overview, select the SSL/TLS FLEXIBLE encryption option
Last but not the least, scroll down and activate Always use HTTPS, click Finish and you're done!
Toggle on Always use HTTPS
Your domain is now secure and ready! 🥳